Collaboration plans for professionals in the sector

Antikuas is aware of the new online collaboration models that exist thanks to new technologies.

The Marketing team has developed two lines of business according to the profile of those interested in collaborating with “Antikuas Import Export Ltd.”

The two profiles to which we refer, we differentiate them as Professionals, that is, intermediaries in the antiques sector or experts / amateurs who write or publish online about history, decoration, interior design, etc … usually in Blogs or Web pages specialized.





The model we suggest for professionals in the antiques sector is “DROPSHIPPING” and we are the first and only to apply this technique in our sector.

In other words, we would provide them with all the necessary information to be able to offer our pieces and be able to sell them, through their channels, with the particularity that “Antikuas” would send the order on their behalf, that is, “Antikuas” would not even appear on the delivery note. .

This entire system is articulated under a “dropshipping” contract.

Advantages and benefits

  • No investment
  • Out of stock business
  • Updated catalog information (Quantities and prices)
  • Maintaining your brand
  • You mark your “PROFIT MARGIN”

bloggers and experts in history and / or antiquities

affiliates program by antikuas

“affiliate marketing”

The formula that we invite you to know is called “Affiliate Marketing”, and we are the first and only to apply these techniques in our sector.

It consists of creating a personalized link for the “affiliated collaborators” that allows us, both parties, to control the number of visits and sales made through said links published in Blogs, Web pages, and Social Networks.

This whole system is articulated under a contract of “affiliate marketing.”

Advantages and benefits

  • No investment
  • Out of stock business
  • Access to all products
  • High priced products and therefore substantial benefits.
  • 10% commission just for mentioning, without intervening in the sale.
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