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Both professionals in the sector, interior designers, decorators, architects and individuals who are fond of collecting and using old elements, have trusted Antikuas for more than 50 years.

We differentiate Antikuas services in three phases.


The first phase

In which only we act, consists of the search and selection of unique pieces, both marble tiles, hydraulic tiles, clay tiles, etc. .. as well as other pieces. as you can see in our online exhibition or physically in our facilities.


The second phase

Consists of the classification, documentation and measurements so that our clients have all the information for decision making. Of course it includes the proper conservation of the pieces.


In a third phase

We work in collaboration with our clients and collaborators who indicate their needs not only in the product but in the rest of the packaging and shipping process.

We Export all over the World

We adapt our shipments both for its transfer nationally and internationally.


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