Jars: Decorative element and business claim

If you can imagine it, you can do it.

This week’s post, rather than talking about the history of the Jars, we are going to offer you an option to visualize our pieces in your project.

Let’s see how !!!!

Many of our clients call us to know the dimensions of our old clay jars, however, you have to do an exercise of imagination to visualize how it would look in your project, garden, business etc …

This is where the Antikuas Marketing department comes in.

We have come up with the idea that our customers can view our jars in their intended space.

The idea is that they send us a photo of the space that they want to complement with our Jars and our Marketing department makes photocomposition to scale to see how it would look.

But let’s see some examples of how to decorate a space with large old clay jars

Large garden with large old clay jug.

Pool of a Mansion, the Jar was missing as a decorative element.

Villa with a garden and a large jar at the entrance.


Rustic house entrance decorated with a large Antikuas´s jar.

Businesses, especially hospitality, can obtain a lot of visibility and differentiation thanks to a Jar at their entrance as a claim.

A reflection, what would the potters of yesteryear have said that their pieces would end up being decorative elements? Surely they would not have believed it, because thanks to their jars, the producers of oil, wine, and grain had solved the stockpiling of their products and therefore they were highly appreciated and demanded goods at the time, being able to hold up to 8,000 liters.

In another Post we will talk more about the traditional way of making these huge clay jars, and their history, as this Post was intended to invite our readers to send us photos of their ideal spaces to place an Antikuas jar.

To do this, you only have to send through this form and we will gladly send you our proposals.


Request for composition with "Jars"

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