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We have a great variety of marble tiles, hydraulic tiles, recovered from old constructions with an appearance worn by the passage of time that for an interior design project, based on that line, are ideal, giving, without a doubt, its own personality.

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Unique pieces

We invest time and resources in locating unique pieces that are ideal for unique spaces.

Marble sculptures, jars, marble bathtubs and dozens of pieces that you can see in our online exhibition.

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Granite mills are some of the pieces that you can purchase in Antikuas.

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piedra molino de granito


Balconies, bars and other elements made of wrought iron. Discover all our offer in balcony windows, pillars and other elements for projects of high artistic and singular value.

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Roof tiles

We have old Arabic tiles that are ideal for home projects with character.

We have an important stock of old tiles that you can see in our online or physical exhibition.

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50 years of accumulated experience

Antikuas has been searching, selecting and buying unique pieces for more than 50 years to meet the needs of architects, interior designers, landscapers and dozens of individuals who have trusted us to make their creations.
Now, with our new website we will be able to offer a better, more agile and operational service.


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