Jars: Decorative element and business claim

jars for post

If you can imagine it, you can do it. This week’s post, rather than talking about the history of the Jars, we are going to offer you an option to visualize our pieces in your project. Let’s see how !!!! Many of our clients call us to know the dimensions of our old clay jars, … Read more

ARABIC TILE, if it’s old, the better.

old arabic tiles in antikuas

“Mother and tile, does not lose for old”   “Madre y teja, no pierde por vieja” “Do not buy old things that are not wine, ham or tile” «No compres cosa vieja que no sea vino, jamón o teja” It is a Spanish saying that rhymes in Spanish language has rhyme The Spanish proverb already … Read more

The floors you won’t find on Amazon.

antique checkerboard in antikuas

Contrary to what we may think, the aesthetic technique of using light and dark checkerboards for the floor did not exactly begin, to tile floors. The checkerboard or chess pattern (as the English speakers say) was used around 3000 years B.C. in clothes and vessels, a proof of this is this Egyptian vessel that is … Read more

A walk through history


How could it be otherwise, our first post is welcome to our Blog about antiques in stone, marble and wrought iron.   50 years of experience in the stone and marble antiques sector go a long way. We will try to create quality content related to what we are passionate about, from historical aspects of … Read more

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