ARABIC TILE, if it’s old, the better.

“Mother and tile, does not lose for old”


“Madre y teja, no pierde por vieja”

“Do not buy old things that are not wine, ham or tile”

«No compres cosa vieja que no sea vino, jamón o teja”

It is a Spanish saying that rhymes in Spanish language has rhyme

The Spanish proverb already says it, but it is also corroborated by a study prepared by “Roof Tile Institute and Factory Mutual”

tejas arabes antiguas en antikuas

And it is that the typical Arab tile was invented more than 4,000 years ago and still, today it is one of the most recommended construction elements for the protection of roofs, but also if they are old tiles, the better, as shown by a study carried out by the technological institute “Roof Tile Institute and Factory Mutual” with some ice cannons, and which showed that the% breakage of the tiles was much lower in the old ones than in the new ones.



The tiles are made through a cooking process and over time, it becomes more resistant because the pores they originally have are filled and the pieces are waterproofed.

From Antikuas, we can guarantee, thanks to our experience of more than 50 years treating old tiles, that the older a tile is, the more durability it will have.

But … why choose an ancient Arabic tile?

We explain it under these headlines:



In this aspect it is clear, a home that claims to have a certain character and differentiation can be achieved thanks to the incorporation of old Arab tiles.

The natural style that has lasted for thousands of years, today, takes more importance, if possible, thanks to the sensations and its decorative possibilities that, in addition, last a very long life (we do not refer to the facts) and its beauty is not comparable to the imitations they do with ink splatter on new tiles, nothing to do with it.

Antikuas has a large stock of tiles from demolition classified and separated by origin, since the color, tone and texture change according to their origin and therefore we can advise you for your project with the best option.


But the ancient Arab tile has much more to offer than its aesthetics. The roofs covered with them, are really resistant to water, frost, fire and wind and the damage that insects can cause, in fact they have lasted centuries instead of decades and a roof installed correctly is for the entire lifetime.


exposicion-de-tejas-arabes-antiguas-en-antikuas (1)


Assuming that giving a second life to a tile is already an exercise in sustainability, we cannot ignore that the thermal properties of tile roofs are exceptional since it reduces heat loss or gain, which contributes to a reduction in Energy costs of up to 20% since the tiles create a transfer barrier that cools a house in the vera and heats it in winter.


Well yes, from Antikuas, we dare to affirm that the use of old Arab tiles is an investment for two reasons.

On the one hand, your property covered with tiles, a part of the history gains value, this is a fact, and on the other hand, due to its energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, it is more than an expense, it is an investment.


Finally, this Post has had the objective of trying to convey the great value of a unique piece that each of the tiles that we have in our exhibition has and we invite professionals and individuals to study the possibility of using these relics so appreciated by all lovers of the history.

antikuas The largest stock of Arabic tiles in Spain.


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