Ancient marble fountain

Recently, we have had the opportunity to recover an old marble fountain.

This marble fountain was recovered in a small palace.

Fuente de marmol antigua


We carried out the recovery of this beautiful marble fountain in a historic palace that was in an excellent state of preservation. This fountain featured a smooth and shiny marble surface, with no stains or significant damage to its structure.

Despite its good preservation, our restoration team applied specialized techniques to clean and renew the fountain, in order to enhance its beauty and ensure its durability. The result was a resplendent marble fountain, which became a true jewel for its new destination.

This marble fountain would be a perfect choice for decorating any garden.

Water fountains provide a relaxing and serene feeling to the environment, and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. In addition, marble water fountains have a timeless, classic look that blends well with any style of garden décor. Whatever the size or style of your garden, a marble water fountain will be a focal point and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

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