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marmol damero


Marble floors and checkers of different sizes. A touch of class for your home.

Columnas antiguas de piedra


We have a wide variety of antique columns of different styles and materials for your project.

detalle -de-conjunto-de-baldosas-de-barro antigua-en-antikuas(1)

Clay tiles

We have a wide variety of clay tiles for your project.

Fuente de centro antigua .


Antique stone and marble fountains: a touch of elegance and distinction for your home.


You will find a wide variety of balcony windows, windows and other decorative elements in old wrought iron.

tejas arabes antiguas (7)

Roof tiles

You will find a large stock of old tiles of a wide variety of shapes and sizes

tinajas medianas


Tradition and elegance for your home. From small pots to large vases, we have the perfect jar.

Fregadera de marmol

Unic Pieces

Unique pieces in wrought iron, marble and natural stone for exterior and interior decoration to give an antique touch.

ladrillos de barro antiguos en antikuas

Clay bricks

Antique mud bricks: tradition and character for your home. Find the perfect brick for your project.

Experts in

Old hydraulic tiles

Our tiles come from old factories in Spain, where they were manufactured using traditional methods. This gives them a unique and special character, which makes them a true work of art.

New and Unique

Flooring of “Alcázar de Segovia”

The Alcázar of Segovia is a spectacular castle in Spain with great historical and cultural importance.

New in our facilities

Tarifa´s Stone

Tarifa´s stone is a type of non-exfoliable natural slate of great hardness and resistance, which makes it ideal for use in pavements, facades, walls and other construction elements.

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